GateBridge Investments partners with entrepreneurs on their high potential ventures, providing experience, guidance, and capital to enable companies to reach their full potential. While our primary focus is on technology related companies, we will consider and have experience with non-technology companies as well.

As a private firm investing its own capital Gatebridge can be much more flexible than a traditional private equity firm and can consider a broad range of investments sizes: from the initial investment in a new startup to investments in established, but growing enterprises. Also, because GateBridge does not operate a fund with a finite life, it can take a much longer term perspective on its investments than a traditional private equity fund which may need to exit an investment quickly to be able to raise its next fund.

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GateBridge brings much more than just investment capital. GateBridge brings experience and judgment in handling all elements of corporate strategy and finance and the interplay between the two. GateBridge also has considerable experience in hiring top level managers and implementing effective corporate governance which permits it to lend strong support to its management teams. GateBridge is led by John Rodakis, a seasoned, accomplished private equity professional with experience in leveraged buyouts, venture capital, management consulting, and investment banking.

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